Xbox 360 Mod Chip

You have heard about it, but what is an Xbox 360 mod chip? A modification chip, or a mod chip as it is more commonly known as a device used to play imported, backed up, or home brew games. Mod chips came to be simply because gamers were sick and tired of the poor selection of games that they could play on the Xbox 360, while in Japan they had a far greater selection of games that they could play. The problem is that games that originated in Japan could not be played on US or European Xbox. So with the advent of the mod chip it opened a new world for gamers everywhere.

 Mod Chip


My chips are available for just about every game console that there is. Most game consoles have hardware based software, which check to make sure that only officially sanctioned (games released by the company) can be used on the console. The way that these consoles check for compatibility, vary from console to console.

Depending on what type of mod chip, you are purchasing a reasonable level of technical ability may be required to install it. Most mod chips require some soldering to the motherboard, although nowadays there are no solder mod chips available on the market.

With regard to the Xbox 360, the Globe mod chip is the first mod chip that will work on any Xbox 360 regardless of what to DVD drive is in the Xbox.

If you have an Xbox 360 then you really should consider getting yourself a mod chip. You will not only be able to protect your expensive 360 games (as you will be able to back up your games and keep the originals locked away safely), you will also be able to play games from other countries, which of course means that you have a larger selection to choose from. In addition, by having a mod chip, you open a whole new world of home brew, games and applications, which again means that your selection of games is greatly enhanced.

Not only can you purhcase xbox 360 mod chips to enhance your console on the inside, there are a range of products that you can purchase that will make your console stand out on the outside.

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